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Three Ways to Put Your Value Proposition in Perspective

Interesting thing about perspective is that it can simply be influenced by the position of the eye and the object being viewed. Not much to it when considered under those two parameters. Not so simple when it is your business value that you are wanting to put in perspective as you now incorporate a range of people with different business needs and content consumption preferences.

Consider your value proposition and the need to expose it to a range of people at your prospect’s company. You go through the discovery and research to finely tune your pitch and then set out to convey said pitch to your prospects. To do this, you wouldn’t stand in a doorway and yell it out hoping that a single delivery would be meaningful to all prospects.

Absolutely not! Especially with such a range of message delivery channels at your finger tips.

The tools available to refine and deliver targeted messaging are varied and vast - in some ways, the real problem can be selection - when to stop looking for an answer. For a seller, there are some straightforward choices that will support a multi-pronged messaging strategy and execution.


I won’t discuss the social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter but I will discuss distribution services that I have found to be well designed and as such, easy to use with minimal education.


  • Hootsuite and Buffer are both excellent platforms for the scheduling of social media distribution. I have found Buffer to be a simpler tool for the distribution but Hootsuite as a stronger offering for the aggregation of your own social media channels and for social listening. I have a leaning toward Hootsuite and it also has an extensive range of learning modules.


  • I have used YouTube and Vimeo to distribute videos privately to prospects as a way to add a dimension to my prospecting and it also deepens the engagement. At an additional fee, Vimeo provides a richer range of viewing stats which is useful with feedback on broader campaigns and targeted messaging. I rely on Camtasia to produce my videos and whilst it isn’t the cheapest or dearest, I have found it to be an excellent tool.


  • There is choice on this front as with the other elements discussed here. I have mainly used Libsyn and Soundcloud with the latter being my preferred platform. If you are looking to periodically create voice files for occasional podcasts or small group voice distribution, which has been my main use, then Soundcloud is excellent. You will also be able to distribute to the main podcast distribution channels with a very rapid curve to proficiency on your education path. I rely on Hindenburg to produce my voice files and the elegance and simplicity of this software for a true novice or expert alike, has continued to encourage me to develop more voice communications.

There are more means of communication, but those discussed above will equip you to move from an orthogonal view where you see all message recipients as the same to a truly perspective view where you are placing your message in a way that is easier to consume for your prospect.

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