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Design, Innovation and Berocca

Bayer's Berocca Twist “N” Go

Bayer's Berocca Twist “N” Go

There is a lot of discussion around design thinking and the power that it brings to a customer based conversation. The way that it can shift a conversation from customer centric to customer defined is very powerful.

So powerful that it can have you think about wild and elaborate designs or value constructs that will amaze team mates and customers alike.

It was this in mind that I started to think about innovation and simplification.

I was firstly thinking about the great technological advances that we are seeing accelerate and unfold before our eyes. But then I toggled to innovation that has simplified what was a simple process and I landed on Bayer’s Berocca® Performance Twist ’N’ Go.

For the uninitiated, a Berocca is a soluble multivitamin that is dropped into a glass of water to create a lightly fizzy drink. Refreshing, tasty and good for you.

Bit hard to mess the process up (though I have seen it once — odd, but somewhat amusing) but still Bayer has brought to market a wonderful innovation. The innovation places the vitamin tablet in a sealed area under the cap of a screw top bottle of water. Unscrew the cap, seal breaks and the vitamin automatically drops into the bottle of water.

Amazing in its simplicity and a true innovation benchmark.

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