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Break the rules...write a letter and post it!

[insert "reflective" music and pan to account manager with pen and paper looking into the distance]

During the week I started to think through methods and means of building out campaigns and taking them to market. As I started to consider the different elements I began to think through the channels of distribution and syndication.

My mind immediately went to the audience and reach equation. How to maximise effectiveness and efficiency. How to determine the highest yield possible.

I then started to think through the elements of channel and all things social. This took me into a frenzied recollection of words, directions and phrases, including, authentic, permanent beta, pageviews and bounce rates.

Then I stopped and thought more deeply about being authentic and in being authentic I needed to be able to believe my campaign was meaningful. To meet that criteria, was social media the most effective channel for my campaign.

...back to account manager with pen and paper...

Instead of shaping an online campaign I am going to revert to a methodology that I was introduced to ~15 years ago which is explained in Selling to VITO which you will discover as a free download.  Whilst the methodology can be applied online, I am going to revert to the original process which is to send a letter on an A4 page, unfolded.

The key discipline that I have always liked from VITO letter construction is that you are driven to personalise your value proposition to a single executive and make it compelling within a single page.

I will be using the process to run a series of campaigns over the next 3 months and will report back.  Feel free to drop me a note if you would like a copy of one of my VITO letters.

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