Tony Hackett
Tony Hackett

Tony Hackett is my name and I am based in Sydney, Australia.  My working life started in construction, then education before my current career path on the sales side of the technology industry as a strategic account manager.

My 20+ years’ experience in the technology industry has largely been in IT sales and has spanned start-ups, domestic, major global, software and hardware companies and I have been trained on many of the major sales methodologies, including Target Account Selling and Strategic Selling.

I contend that this continues to be a time where account managers have the opportunity to redefine their career path and success by:

  • Curating their public brand; and
  • Redefining value conversations with customers.

A brand that will support their current employment by publishing their uniqueness online in a co-ordinated way. By extension, this will publish their point of view for customers, their employer, recruiters and potential employers.

Creating a personalised sales process

Sales methodologies rely on account managers creating and executing strategies in a foreground voice. Social Media for Account Managers is a forum to share and discuss Account Managers development of their background voice.

We have all seen and experienced the explosion of social media – it touches every part of our lives.

Some account managers see social media as a mechanism to leverage future sales and revenue. The goal of this site isn’t to challenge, correct or applaud such a pursuit but to suggest there is a richer leverage of social media for account managers including the curation of their own public brand.

That richer leverage is for an account manager to build and execute a personal plan that will establish their public brand would not be an event, but a series of expressions that will create a public, published history. My suggestion is that the public brand is most powerful as an online brand that builds on a coordinated linkage of social media tools such as a blog, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and podcasting.

From my experiences, I have developed and tested methods and models that I will share through my Postings. In addition, I will be publishing podcast with academics, authors and business leaders where I will explore leading methods and practices of value creation, measurement and communication.

Your feedback and suggestions would be welcomed - please use the Contact Me page to make contact.